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2373 S Archer Ave, , , , 60616

80% of Connie's allure is their atmosphere. It's just a great place to go and eat pizza. Their pizza is unique and tastes good, but there's something about their location and restaurant atmosphere that puts it over the top. Located close to Chinato ...

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瑞光路513巷37號, ,

The idea of creating your own pizza from an a wide selection of toppings sounds so appealing, especially in Taiwan. However, if the sauce and spices are not made right, then it doesn't matter what toppings you have. That's the problem with CreAfe' Piz ...

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Garcia's Pizza in a Pan
313 N Mattis Ave, , , , 61821

Maybe the Best Pizza I've ever had in my life. There would be days that I would dream about this pizza in Chicago, then grab a bunch of friends, and within an hour, we would be on a two-hour road trip down south just to get a couple slices of their piz ...

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Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza. Probably Top Five in the World. It's delicious. Whenever I go back to Chicago, the first day that I get of the plane is eat a Medium Size Deep Dish Pizza from Giordano's. So much Cheese, so much Sauce, so much Flavor. I ...

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中山北路七段92號, , , 111

I've tried a lot of pizza shops in Taiwan, but this one has to be the best. The thing that makes Papa Vito Pizzeria stand out is their special blend of spices and sauce, and that taste blows their competition out of the water. They really are the best i ...

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1531 West Taylor Street, , , , 60607

It is a Little Italy institution. My family and I have been going here for years, even to the smaller shop that used to be down the street. Everyone knows them for their square pizzas, but I love them for their calzones (Pompei Italiano). I loved t ...

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